Reliable software repair all makes and models of outdoor led signs. For Brisbane signs a technician will inspect the led sign and if possible repair it.

If the LED sign is unable to be repaired during the visit a comprehensive report will be prepared and presented to the client. This report may offer recommendations based on our findings.

For advertising and school signs in country areas we can arrange for critical components to be delivered to our workshop where we can evaluate the components and make recommendations.

We also work with local trades to repair the signs using remote access.

Many signs fail due to Brisbane’s unique climate which presents obstacles to the reliable operation of LED outdoor signs. Through our many years of experience working on both road infrastructure and commercial advertising LED signage we understand the issues that lead to common failure and can investigate and repair these LED signs.

Many older LED signs were designed and manufactured in China with low quality parts and more importantly poor build quality which has allowed water and humidity ingress which often leads to complete sign failure. climate.

Reliable software are Brisbane based and only supply proven high quality parts and signs.

We offer a reliable and affordable repair service for all brands of LED signs and thanks to our many years of experience can recommend often simple improvements to guarantee reliability.

RTA Signs are also manufacturers of LED Signage and if needed can replace your aging sign with a new more reliable sign backed up by our service and reliability guarantee.

Contact us today to arrange repair of your faulty led display sign