Is your sign missing pixels or not displaying correctly?

Reliable Software can attend to your LED sign, investigate the issues, provide a comprehensive report on the issues and possible solutions and where possible repair the sign while on site.

Reliable Software specialize in the installation and repair of all makes and models of LED signs in the Brisbane area.

Brisbane’s climate presents unique challenges to the reliable operation of LED outdoor signs. Through our many years of experience working on both road infrastructure and commercial advertising LED signage we understand the issues that lead to common failure and can investigate and repair unreliable electronic signs.

Many LED signs sold today are designed and manufactured in China with low quality parts and more importantly poor build design not suited to Brisbane’s unique climate.

Reliable Software are a Brisbane based company whose Engineers and Technicians have many years experience designing and improving software and repairing LED signs down to component level.

We offer a reliable and affordable repair service for all brands of LED signs and thanks to our many years of experience can recommend often simple improvements to guarantee reliability.

RTA Signs are also manufacturers of LED Signage and if needed can replace your aging sign with a new more reliable sign backed up by our service and reliability guarantee.

Contact us today to arrange repair of your faulty led display sign